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The length of time to see improvement can vary for every baby however, I usually see positive changes in the first few nights.

From the first night, to having a baby who self-settles, manages longer stretches of sleep through the night and has good naps would usually take around 2 weeks. 

No. Not if you wish to continue feeds over night for nutritional needs.

Most babies still need a feed overnight until the age of 1. The best thing to do if you would like to start sleep training and keep feeding over night for nutritional needs is to differentiate when your baby needs a feed and when they just need you to help them with a gentle self-settling method, I can show you how to know the difference and support you with how to implement these steps gently. 

Yes. With all my sleep services I include information on how best to set up your child’s sleep space safely and optimise their sleep.


Whilst it’s to be expected children cry when changes are being made, my way of working means you will always be able to comfort your child. 

I never use any method that I wouldn’t have used with my own son as I believe our children look to us to both direct and reassure them and sleep is no different.

You will always be able to comfort your child whilst teaching them a vital life skill.

What could be more nurturing than supporting your little one to have optimised sleep that suits their biological needs for there age AND their unique personality? That’s where my Comfort through Change approach really CAN help.


My Press Snooze sleep package include an extra 2 x 30 minute support calls which you can use within 3 months of your 3 week support time ending.

An additional week of Whatsapp support between the hours of 8:30am and 8:30pm can be purchased at £50.

I offer my sleep training services once your child is 5 months old.

Once your child has developed their circadian rhythm and can create melatonin at around 20 weeks old they will be able to do longer sleep cycles of around 45 minutes. 

We can then support your child to learn the vital skill of being able to self settle, which means they can connect their sleep cycles and sleep for longer stretches and should they wake too soon they will be able to get back to sleep independently.

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